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Never any out of pocket costs to you. 100% of dollars paid back will be done out of your successful settlement.  You never even have to write the check, the law firm representing you will handle all payments to Green Bear Finance.

Every case is different. We will look at your litigation and determine how much is available for you to borrow.

​​Lets face it. A lawsuit is expensive and often takes a long time before you get your money. However, you can rest comfortably knowing that Green Bear Finance is in your corner. Get money now to help pay your rent, car payment, bills, buy groceries, you name it. Get money in your pocket with Absolutely no out of pocket costs to you, and Absolutely no financial risk of your own. Once you receive your finances, you never have to worry about paying it back out of your own pocket. Any funding amount and all fees associated with paying back the finances are taken care of by your successful settlement. You don’t even have to write the check to pay back the finances, your attorney will handle the funding for you, out of your settlement. What’s even better than that, is if you do not achieve a successful settlement then you own nothing!  All you have to do is apply. Your free application will be submitted for approval, once approved we will make arrangements to get you your check. 

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